“When can you say that carpets are already damaged?”

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“When can you say that carpets are already damaged?”

Carpets like any other asset inside a hotel is an important part of the property’s overall image. They say that a beauty a hotel has is also being reflected as to the carpets being used to cover its flooring but do you know when you should think about the options you may have regarding your carpets? Replacing is surely good unless you have quite an enormous amount to spend. Anyway, if you do, changing carpets regularly isn’t so bad at all however what if you think about restoration aside from plainly cleaning it regularly or replacing them right away? A damaged carpet can still be revived making it look like it’s never been damaged at all.

There are many factors to consider as to why your carpets aged so fast or as to how it’s already been damaged in just a short amount of time. Maybe you’ll change the way you look at the carpets once a better idea like carpet restoration is presented to you. Don’t get me wrong, change is good but so is restoring them. Aside from setting yourself and your property free from unnecessary expenses, you get to have a lesser downtime since it won’t affect your business at all.  

So now, when can absolutely say that your carpets are damaged?

The carpet’s life span
The carpets in today’s time are created with a life span between seven (7) to fifteen years (15). A hotel replaces its carpets spending an average of ten thousand dollars ($10,000) for just a particular area or section which is really a lot of money, not to mention extra fees for the installation but that goes to probably more than just ten thousand. Some of the hotel staff are also incapable of doing a restoration process since most of them are not trained to do so. Some would even acquire cleaning machines for maintaining the idea of carpet care which is not possible if all we do is clean the carpets regularly. There are damages that cannot be taken care of by simply cleaning or vacuuming the carpets. The trouble nowadays with carpets is mainly because of hard to remove problems which are mainly burned marks, discoloration and any other type of stain. With that in mind, you have an idea as to what causes your carpets to age rapidly compared to their average life span.

Factors affecting a carpet’s life span
While the maintenance or the housekeeping departments are busy with maintaining the carpet’s overall image, carpets are slowly aging as well and it’s not like any other life expectancy.
Somehow, it’s also an immediate concern since carpets that age quickly are prone to replacements which are definitely another addition to the total spending cost of one property. The longevity of your carpets depends on a lot of factors and these factors are;

1. Foot Traffic
People step on your carpets all the time so the period of your carpets going through this traffic affects its lifespan. Carpet fibers are being deformed and contort in so many ways that a fifteen (15) year lifespan decreases to a number like seven (7) or even three (3), so It’s also important that you know how to choose your carpets correctly. If you cant maintain a few more years, at least get it near the year it’s expected to wear out.

2. The design
Carpets are designed with some colors and patterns. There are plainly solid colored carpets while there are the ones that have patterns on it. It’s actually easy to repair a carpet with one solid color since you won’t be spending some extra dollars for any color dye addition in case you had your carpets repaired. Ideally, it’s better to have a carpet with a solid color that’s near to the dark shades. You may wonder why? It’s because dirt and stains aren’t really visible when you have dark colored carpets. The same goes for patterned carpets of dark shades. Even thou it’s patterned, it’s also the same case as the one with the solid color as long as they can keep the irregularities or the problems are hidden so you can avoid brushing it off always (which lessens its longevity as well by the way).

3. Carpet Padding or Backing
While there are most hotels that have tiled or wood-like floors, carpets on these types of flooring gain more foot traffic which decreases its durability. It’s most preferred to have some carpet padding. In this way, you will be able to lessen foot traffic and it maintains the appearance of the carpet. It also helps to keep it in good shape.

4. Chemicals
Most housekeepers tend to use bleach to get rid of the ugly stains on the carpets which later results in having discolorations. There may be other ways to get rid of the stain without using regular bleach. One way is by restoring your carpets. Most carpet restorers use a different type of chemical that only they can know the composition of it. Risking your carpets with bleach is like risking its image and getting a negative review online because of it.

Few steps for carpet care that you need to consider doing

1. Vacuum on a regular basis
For areas with heavy foot traffic, you may either vacuum it every day or at least 4 times a week to maintain it’s cleanliness and always use a clean bag or filter.

2. Clean a stain the moment you see it
There are practices in some hotels that whenever they see the stains, just let it on the floor or on the carpets. It may be better to clean up those stains right away before it gets dry and becomes a hard-to-remove-stain. Avoid using vinegar as it will lock the stain on the carpet’s fiber.

3. Don’t rub or scrub the carpets
Rubbing or scrubbing is a known factor for carpet durability. The more you do scrubbing or rubbing on the carpet stain, the more you harm your carpets so as much as possible, blot the dirt from the edge going to the center. Or you can just dab it instead of rubbing it.

These are the helpful tips you need to consider or might even reconsider.
Hope this helps you a lot! If you have any other recommendations please comment down below!



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