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Exclusive to the Hotel Industry

We RESTORE Carpets and Prevent Costly Replacement!

Having a carpet problems? You don’t need to replace your carpet prematurely! Carpet Rehab and Restore International would like to offer you CARPET RESTORATION! An alternative approach to Carpet Replacement which is a fraction of the cost with Minimal downtime!

Since 1998, we have successfully had the honor to serve the most prestigious hotels in the hospitality industry internationally. Using our magical work of carpet restoration service we
specialized in the removal of the most difficult, hard to treat spots, stains, burns, and even discolorations.

Now on our 20TH YEAR of ANNIVERSARY we want to celebrate with you and are pleased to give you a ONE OF KIND SALE offer for Month of JUNE 2018:ENROLL TO ANY ONE OF OUR 7 SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE PLAN AND TAKE.


(Please go to Price for our National Service Subscription Price List)

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