Partnership in business according to Investopedia is a formal arrangement wherein two parties manage businesses and share profits. Having to deal with a partnership involves critically made decisions as both you and your partner business should achieve whatever the set goals are. There are 2 questions that you could think of at this moment concerning business partnership. First, when to partner? There’s a margin of needs or demands for business. You can only start a partnership when you are truly sure of the capabilities of your partner. If you don’t have a necessary need for a product or service yet you had a sudden partnership, it may be a disadvantage to you. Knowing the right timing for having partnerships is a good sign of a booming business. Secondly, why partner? You may think it might be unnecessary to have a partner for your business especially if you think the business is doing good but having a partner means, you could do more, get more and achieve a lot. It can take your business into new heights but this also means you proceed with caution, research, and financial capability. By nurturing the business partnership, there’s a guaranteed growth not just for the other but to both businesses.

In partnership with a carpet restoration company

As hotels are on-demand these days due to the increasing number of travelers, business conferences and other events, It would naturally mean that they are getting more customers and building more hotels to other locations to cater to the number of people visiting. Most hotels have carpets as an asset to make it look luxurious and at the same time, it’s being used as a cover not only to protect the flooring but also to protect some hotel items (take a wine glass accidentally dropped for example).
Carpets are cleaned (vacuumed and washed) on a scheduled basis but what if cleaning doesn’t suffice? Sure, we get to have clean and odor-free carpets but what if there were bleach stains and carpet burns and some wine stain that was not removed after all since it’s something that can’t be removed just by cleaning? You would have to look for someone who can do the job and that would be a carpet restoration company. These carpet problems are repetitive. It will continue to appear on your carpets every time since we cannot control what the guests would do inside their respective rooms. The solution for the hard to remove problems is partnering up with a carpet restoration company to make sure that the carpet’s image would be maintained aside from its cleanliness. You would get to have benefits partnering with a carpet restoration company. Why? There’s only minimal downtime when the work is being done. Aside from that, you would be able to save more rather than replacing the carpets every 2 to 3 years. You’d get to earn positive responses from your guests by having good looking carpets on the floors. And by getting positive responses, it only means that they will come back again sooner for their next stays since the guests are assured of the quality services and the overall appearance of their rooms.

Questions to ask for the partner company

As the business relationship is important, we need to know further details of a company we have in mind to partner with. This is more like a “getting to know each other” phase. Some questions need answers for us to decide if we will go ahead and build a partnership. For partnerships with a carpet restoration company, these questions may come into your mind:
1. What are our benefits if we close a deal in having scheduled visits/appointments?
2. Are we able to get emergency services? are we prioritized?
3. How much would it cost if there will be regular visits?
4. Can we get quotes before we proceed with the appointments?
5. Do you have insurance?
6. Do you have certifications?
7. Are we guaranteed money back in the first service in case we are not satisfied with the services?
These are only a few but the most highlighted questions you can ask yourselves in getting carpet restoration companies as partners. You’ll be able to decide right after you get to hear your desired answers for a business partner.

Certification, is that important?

Would you entrust your business for companies without certification? I doubt you will.
It is most important for a business to secure their certifications aside from insurances if they want to
run their business smoothly. Most people don’t trust right away but with certifications on the business profiles, we get to earn people’s trust. It may not be right away but the first thing you could assure yourselves is the fact that as a company, it is certified.
This is how important certifications are.

Is Carpet Rehab’s carpet restoration worth the price?

If you were to ask me if it’s worth it, then my answer would be yes. Not that I am promoting the business, but because if we calculate expenses, replacing would be very costly and cleaning won’t suffice either.
So, is carpet restoration worth the risk of spending money? Absolutely, YES. Aside from the offer we have which is a money-back guarantee, we have professionally trained technicians to do the job that no one else can. We have a very great team.

Restoring options: Do-It-Yourself or Professional?

A lot of hotel management purchase machines that could help them clean and restore their carpets on their properties but most machines don’t do the work. If you will go with having Do-It-Yourself restoration, you may not be sure of the outcome of the work done. The housekeepers may be able to do restoration but one wrong move could cause a bigger problem that may not be taken care of right away, even with machines. It is incredibly important to leave whatever is supposed to be taken care of by professionals as they know better than most of us do. So, Do-It-Yourself or professionally taken care of? The answer, trust the professionals.

Do you have more questions to add above? We would like to hear more from you. Share your comments below. 



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