What’s more with Carpet Maintenance?

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What’s more with Carpet Maintenance?

Surprise! surprise! surprise! you’re reading this because this is something that could help you better understand as to why there’s more to carpet maintenance than just cleaning it.

As working in the hospitality industry gives you more outlook of the management for properties, you would know that the hardest to maintain in a hotel is the carpets. These assets are important parts of a hotel’s image and are also a huge contributor to reducing slip-and-fall incidents. Carpets are also known to be noise absorbent reducing noise pollution in an area.

Cleaning is not enough to make sure the carpets are of good shape. This is mostly what housekeepers or the maintenance teams thought about. They believe that cleaning would suffice the carpet’s over-all maintenance but the truth is, it’s never going to be enough.

Vacuuming, washing and spraying fragrance on the floors (particularly on the carpets), these are mostly what the maintenance team does to keep the carpets in a better condition. Let me tell you more about maintaining carpets that are either new or years old of properties such as the hotels.

The Potential Carpet destroyers

There are a lot of things that contribute to the delamination of carpets.
When we say delamination, it refers to the separation of matter such as carpet fibers into constituent layers (merriam-webster.com). Among reasons of carpet delamination, we have, first, the solid particles such as sand, salt and even ice-melt plays a part in tearing carpet fibers into separate layers. They usually are causing damage by brushing each other that tears a carpet apart. 

Ice-melt is similar to a glue substance. It leaves marks that could either be a problem in the future when detaching carpets for any further maintenance steps. Second, moving things inside a room full of carpets is not a great idea to do with especially if you do the transferring of stuff alone or by two’s. Edges of furniture such as tables can scratch the carpets and it’s fibers. Probably this might be unavoidable, but guests sometimes in the hotels take showers and dry their feet inside their rooms with the use of a hair blower. If in any case, they do the drying session, some would put on the hair blower to dry their feet. 

The heat that hits the carpets is damaging the fibers not to mention that vacuums that produce heat also can harm the carpets. Third (but no the least), feet movement. Hotels have slippers you could wear inside rooms and the friction between the slippers and the carpets also damages the carpet fibers so most of the time, hotels would consider the use of disposable slipper composing materials that would be less harmful to their carpets (due to friction).

All we know about maintenance

Do you have ideas about which carpet type is the easiest to clean?
Use the best cleaning method for your carpets but most importantly, have them restored. Carpets are not necessarily needed to be clean before a professional carpet technician comes to restore the carpets but having it dust-free could help with the restoration process better. 

In terms of cleaning, understanding what carpet type you have could lead you to know better what maintenance processes you need to incorporate since not all carpet types would fit into your usual cleaning process.
Developing an effective method of maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of carpets may take a little bit of your time but in the end, you will be able to avoid recurring problems.

The problem with maintenance always comes from the idea that cleaning and restoration only go in when the carpets are soiled. “It is not an effective plan because carpet fibers are shaped and designed to hide soil.” (Richard Bodo & Bob Christensen, 2015, cmmonline.com) On the same blog by Bodo and Christensen, they mentioned that four processes can maximize the carpet’s life span.

These are namely, preventive maintenance, daily maintenance, interim maintenance, and restorative maintenance. You will know what these maintenances are for just basing from the words themselves. Preventive maintenance is what we do to prevent any salt, sand, soil and so on before these could infiltrate the carpets. Daily maintenance on the other side is what most housekeepers do every day after guests leave their rooms on scheduled checkouts. Interim maintenance is a type of process that comes in between vacuuming and deep cleaning and lastly, restorative maintenance involves the restoration of carpets to better create a lively look and provide carpets a longer life span.

The Ultimate Carpet Restoration Notes

  1. Carpet restoration is not and will never be expensive with the right subscription and payment plans so go get that service to make sure you can keep your carpets healthy-looking and boost its life span.
  2. Knowing the maintenance method you could use for your carpets is an advantage.
  3. Removing dust in carpets by vacuuming is helpful especially before doing carpet restoration but on the other hand, the heat accumulated in vacuums can damage carpet fibers.
  4. By know the worth of your carpets, you can never go wrong with restoration.
  5. Restoration is by far the carpet maintenance that does not use up all the time needed to do the services.
  6. Carpet restoration can be done with a lesser downtime and without needing to temporarily close the property.
  7. Knowing what destroys your carpets help you prevent further damage.
  8. Knowledge with your carpets and its type of fiber is wealth.
  9. Carpet restoration companies are a good partner for the hotel.
  10. Maintenance is an integral part of the carpet’s overall welfare.

With all of these taken into mind, are you having thoughts now of doing carpet restoration to help save your carpets from all of the unwanted things that could cause its lifespan to degrade?

I surely hope so. Our goal is to always let people know that they have other options rather than considering replacements immediately. You get savings, and you can even earn money with the help of referrals. Do you wish to know more? You may also check out other published articles on this website.



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