How to Spot a Professional Carpet Technician

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How to Spot a Professional Carpet Technician

What really carpet restoration technicians do?

People are always looking for the best things or ways to keep the carpets clean. It can usually be expensive to go that way than looking for some people to help you out with. In the hospitality industry, we have carpet cleaners, but don’t you know that we also have carpet restorers? The term carpet technician refers to both carpet cleaners and restorers. If you suddenly got curious, you’d ask, “What do carpet restorers do?”. From the word itself, carpet restorers are restoring the image of the carpets from its original state and free the carpets from problems such as stains, burn marks, discoloration caused by bleaching, water damage, molds, odor and many more.

How often do we need these carpet technicians?
According to researches, hotel carpets are usually cleaned within 3-6 months but in the case of restoration, you can get them restored once there are visible problems. You don’t have to wait and let the carpet problems remain so you could have it all done in a scheduled day after about a few months or years. You can resolve the problem immediately. Carpet technicians are available and you can just give a call to have it done.

Skills that Carpet Restoration Technicians Must Have

Carpet professionals are changing the future of carpet care. Here are some of the skills a carpet restoration technician should possess for him to take care of the carpets well.
1. Customer Service
In a business relationship, customer service is always one of the most important parts of the job. As carpet technicians, we should be able to converse in a great manner and explain to our clients
what the situation is at the moment in regards to the carpets and how we could treat it. We could mention how long will it take for us to finish the job.
2. Company Vehicle and Driving
As most companies are looking for a jack of all trade workers, we make sure that aside from being carpet technicians, we have people who give importance to company vehicles and that our carpet restorers are not only able to repair but they could also drive (With licenses).
3. Chemical Reaction Knowledge
Restoring carpets from discolorations caused by bleaching involves having to deal with chemicals or recoloring it for the carpets to get back to its original state or color. Having chemical knowledge helps us technicians determine which are the right solutions to treat carpet problems.
4. Knows Proper Set-Up Procedure
Preparing everything before getting the job done is a skill so every technician needs to be equipped with knowledge regarding procedures.
5. IICRC Certification
Carpet technicians should have received certification and know within the IICRC guidelines.
6. Good in numbers
As we mostly deal with customers and get their total restoration report, we must be able to correctly
placed the number equivalent to what service we did at the property.
These are only some of the skills a carpet restoration technician should possess.

Reviews on the job are done and how it affects the carpet technicians
At carpet rehab, we are always happy to see whatever reviews are given to us since it shows how all hotel staff is checking the carpets thoroughly. If we are given some negative comments on our work done, we make sure to work out what’s best within the situation. If not, we are not charging the clients for a specific problem. Most of the properties and hotels we’ve worked with had positive and kind words with our work so these things not only give us happiness but it also makes us strive harder to do more and to do better than what we did and continuously look for more services that we could offer so we could be the number 1 go-to company for every carpet problem.

What to expect in having your carpets restored
Restoration gives us the life of the carpets. From being the old-looking carpets with visible problems to the look it originally has before the issues (depending on the status of the carpets and it’s current life span). Clients should expect quality service as we value hotels and the hospitality industry.

Why hiring a carpet restoration technician is important
Machines are said to be the aid of the labor but that being said is not a guarantee that It could level or even surpass human efficiency and labor. As machines are erroneous, there are some tasks or jobs that surprisingly machines can never perfect. Rather than depending the workload to some huge machines that are somehow expensive as well (you could almost get a few months worth of hotel staycation or some subscriptions in its equivalent), get an actual person or a company to do the job. Carpet restoration technicians are hands-on in removing and restoring the carpets. Machines will only do what it’s programmed for but at this generation, not all are artificially intelligent. Therefore with the rising trend of the industry of carpet production, the need for carpet restoration technicians is highlighted even more because machines are only 99% efficient. That is true ’til now.

Carpet restoration improves the Life and Look of hotels
As hotel staff, you’ll realize that it is important to provide a spotless and a pleasing place for your guests to stay. Also, if the carpets look worn out and dirty, it can eventually be damaging to the overall image and feel of the property. This will put the management into a disadvantage as customers will remember the place negatively and we don’t want that to happen thus carpet restoration is essential. We all get to clean rooms with at least getting it vacuumed daily but we don’t want to compromise the health and the impression that our customers give. By having carpet restoration, it helps every hotel management maintain the image and the life of their respective properties.

Do you have something to share? What kind of services do you usually have in the hotel for the carpets? Have you invested in some cleaning and restoration machines? If so, let us know below and let’s have a great interaction. We can talk about more carpet restoration.



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