“Carpet Rehab ” – How it works?

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“Carpet Rehab ” – How it works?

As a company with great ambitions and making sure the quality is always met, there are certain procedures for us to take to maintain a good quality service and relationship with our clients. We always define the association we have with hotels as partnerships as we would like them to always get the best while making sure we maintain a good link between businesses.
Today, let’s get you started with our procedures in the business.

Identifying the carpet problem
There are instances one can not differentiate a type of carpet problem a property might have. If you spilled a glass of wine on the floor and you had dark colored carpets, you won’t easily detect the red stains. All you see is that you have some stains. It is important to identify the type of stain and any specific carpet problem for us to know the next step.

What services we offer for Carpet Restoration
A. Stain Removal
Inevitably, stains are usually present in carpets especially if our guests have kids who are seemingly active, or if clumsiness ruled over upon us. The first service we provide is stain removal. We can remove all kinds of carpet stains including wine stains, fat and oil-based stains, wax, gums, etc.

B. Dyeing carpets with discoloration
As problematic as it seems, using a strong bleach is a no-no for carpet cleaning. It always makes your carpet end up look like having another lighter shade than the original color which is unpleasant to look at especially if you have a monochromatic color on the carpets. We specialize in restoring the original colors of your carpets so that bleaching them won’t have to worry you anymore. It is advisable to not use strong bleach agents as it can damage your carpets.

C. Getting rid of the burn marks
Aside from having to deal with carpet discolorations and hard to remove stains, we also handle the burn mark removals. There could be iron burns or cigarette burns and as much as the other two problems are unpleasant to guests, so as the burn marks. It might leave the impression that the room was not cleaned enough

Getting Started with a work appointment
We are delighted to see clients communicating with us on all existing platforms that we have. Be it on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, and many other social media sites. Starting a work appointment with us might also mean that you may want a quote first before we proceed with an actual job schedule. Getting a quote is easy. You can reach us through a phone call, through email or even through our social media accounts. You may only need to provide us the dimensions of the problems that you have and some pictures (which is to be sent through email) for us to have an idea of what we can do to help you better. Upon getting the quote from us and if you decided to proceed with the work appointment, we will be needing some information from you before we continue.

We need the name of the person we’re engaging with, the best phone number to contact, the company or hotel name, an email address, the position or the department of the person we are currently in contact with, the best day and time we could set up the work appointment and also the address of where we will work on with the problems. You may visit our website www.carpetrehab.com and click on the work appointment tab to have a better idea of what information would we need more from you.

How is Carpet Rehab charging its customers
We are charging our customers per spot point. We are usually giving out pricelist to our customers to better know how we charge. As for today, we’ll provide you with an example of charging a bleach stain problem. If you have bleach stains, let’s assume that the bleach stain you have is sized 12 sq inches and that is item ‘212’ in our price list. One item of ‘212’ is equivalent to 17 spot points based on our price list. We charged our customer $5 per spot points so if you have one 12 sq inch of bleach stain, it will cost you $85.00

Cleaning Vs Restoration
Carpet cleaning is different from carpet restoration. Most people often get confused with these services as the same type of system when in reality, these two are of individual matters. Understandably, customers would want to achieve the maximum benefit for them to spend the least amount of money possible. Let’s face it. We assume that carpet cleaners will be able to get rid of the occurring problems. What they usually do is remove foul odors, hairs on the floors, the clouds of dust and other usual leftovers of a hotel room, tidying up the room, changing sheets and most of all arrange everything back to its usual state. Probably, some of them can do basic restoration, but they might damage the carpets unknowingly. Carpet restoration technicians are trained for the job of restoring your carpets from the headache-causing problems such as burn marks, stains, and discolorations. You may clean your carpets but not everything is cleanable and with that, you will need something more than just cleaning. That’s when carpet restoration comes in. It is more than the cleaning aspect as it is done to get your carpets back into shape.

The demand for carpet restoration for carpets
As the trend of residential homes, establishments, and hotels installing carpets are getting higher and higher every year, the demand for carpet restoration also increases. Some carpet cleaning companies businesses are partnering up with carpet restoration companies to provide the best services for the customers. According to the recent studies, the industry of carpets are getting billions and billions of profits and sale increase over the past years and so the demand for carpet restoration is high (as well as the carpet cleaning for some). More carpets can mean more problems being encountered every day by housekeepers, engineers, and the whole management but with the rise of carpet restoration in this era, we can keep up with the hotels in the whole United States having all kinds of carpet problems existing. The target is existing for the benefit of the hotels. We help them save money from costly replacements.



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