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Franchise Opportunity Available Internationally

The Carpet R&R (Rehab & Restore) International Franchise

Carpet R&R (Rehab & Restore) International is a recognized International innovator in the Residential and Commercial Services industry for providing unique and effective carpet restoration and repair services. Our reputation is built on our response, ethics, quality, professionalism and our commitment to protecting our client’s well-being in all aspects of their life.

Our leadership team has deep experience founded in the Residential and Commercial carpet restoration fields. Carpet R & R has become a national leader in the Residential and Commercial services market through creating innovative carpet rehabilitation services. We have positioned the brand as an industry leader by providing the absolute best customer service in the field and through treating our customers like we would our own family members and properties.

Carpet R & R has built the company based on focusing services on commercial clients in a wide variety
of fields including, but not limited to the following:

  • Delivering advanced techniques unheard of in the services market before.
  • Excellent customer service, operating with accountability, consistency, professionalism and with solid customer relationships.
  • Creating standards, processes and tools to rehabilitate carpet with extremely positive results.
  • Developing a reputation and relationships with key clients and brands within key industry segments

Carpet R & R provides thriving and highly successful business opportunities for carpet services entrepreneurs and business professionals who would like to start a business in this growing and amazing industry. We are looking for motivated individuals interested in owning and operating a high volume, high margin Carpet Restoration and Rehabilitation services franchise business in their market.

The Carpet R & R vision is to literally set a new standard in the Carpet Restoration and Rehabilitation services market. Our franchisees will be successful due to our amazing operational methods and proven relationship building business acquisition through superior training, technical guidance and in-territory support.

Contact the Carpet R & R franchise department for additional details as well as access to our franchise division.

There is most likely a great deal of business opportunity available in your market for a Carpet R & R services franchise. In our initial consultation with you, we will run demographic studies to determine what the potential for business growth and possible profit potential of your territory could be let us show you

Virtually every market across the U.S. has a growing number of homes and businesses in need of specialized carpet restoration services, we can help you analyze and develop a business plan for your market and a strategy in how we will approach the market opportunity in your part of the world. In addition, Carpet R & R provides services to national accounts and has worked with companies such as The Four Seasons Hotel, Hilton and other national commercial accounts. These national accounts will provide new business and referred work to franchisees in most markets.

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As a recognized regional innovator, Carpet R & R has a reputation for our response, work quality, and an absolute commitment to the customer’s satisfaction.

Carpet R & R has one distinct focus; it’s assisting our franchise owners in succeeding through the use of our proven methods of business development and the implementation of our quality service programs.

What you’ll find is that we are as fully committed to your business as you are. We will stand behind you from the very beginning and will remain right beside you while your business grows to meet your business
and financial goals.

Contact the Carpet R & R franchise department for additional details.


There is an incredible market all over the world for quality service companies that specialize in carpet restoration and rehabilitation services for residential and commercial clients. Through professional, consistent and accountable service delivery, Carpet R & R creates an image and market reputation just with the way we do business. In addition, through advanced carpet repair techniques, the customer is able to experience a completely renewed room, office, home or place of business that has been unheard of prior to the Carpet R & R process taking to the market.
Contact the Carpet R & R franchise department for additional details.

Carpet R&R (Rehab & Restore) International Support and Training Services

From the very start Carpet R & R works closely with you providing you in days and weeks what it would take years to learn on your own. Our effective management and business development systems place you on track as a superior service provider in your market, lending you years of experience and time in the field through valuable training and support programs.

Our development program begins at the Carpet R & R headquarters in North Carolina where we train you on everything you’ll need to build a solid foundation in the carpet restoration and rehab services business. Additionally, we give you extensive ongoing training in your own territory on effective and precise operational procedures. Most importantly, our senior staff will personally stand by your side to assist you in implementing our proven method or regional business development through networking and direct interaction with business owners and property management groups in your area. The result; we will teach you all the skills you need to build a strong regional presence for your business!

Carpet R & R will be there every step of the way to support you with the comprehensive knowledge, training and professional property manager relationship management skills necessary to achieve your professional and personal goals. Our support services will provide you with years of accumulated knowledge and expertise through the following individualized support elements:

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  • Regional target client identification.
  • Senior staff onsite support.
  • Direct business development assistance.
  • SEO for Regional.
  • Toll-free technical support.
  • Networking with strategic partners and management team members.
  • Professional management software.
  • Operations manuals.
  • Technical data and forms.
  • New prospect leads.


The following are common questions and answers pertaining to the Carpet R & R franchise opportunity. Please review the Q&A below and feel free to contact us with any further questions you may have so that we may assist you in making a well-informed decision.

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Carpet R & R will research and identify the potential referral partners, key relationship groups and target influencers in your territory and fully assist you in implementing a comprehensive and highly effective local business development the will help you become one of the dominant carpet service providers in your market.

Our proven business development methodology shows you precisely how to create loyal customers that refer and produce high margin business, steady referral partners and income streams for you.

We have proven process to develop residential, commercial and hotel clients through the Carpet R & R business model.


YES! Any business, home, hotel or commercial client has carpets which need to be renewed to look and feel their best. Businesses depend on this and you have a solution to answer their needs.


No. Carpet R & R will provide you with hands-on technical training at our corporate locations and at your location in your territory before you open your “doors” for business.

Carpet R & R provides expert in territory assistance during your territory opening and will work with you on an on-going basis in your territory to develop a growing number of new business resources.


Yes – your territory will be protected, but we do allow franchisees to follow business from direct referral sources in to any market. All Carpet R & R franchise territories are protected and typically are much larger than our competitors at population per Carpet R & R territory. Therefore, your Carpet R & R exclusive territory will support the level of business volume you aspire to without fear of encroachment of other franchisees.


Yes. Our Carpet R & R vehicle, website and brand program has been strategically designed to contribute to your territory’s business potential. Your banding plays an important role in maintaining your company’s presence and professionalism in the territory.

The Carpet R & R graphic design can be configured to accommodate many types of vehicles, including various size vans and trucks.


NO. One of the benefits to the Carpet R & R franchise business is that you can start the business from a home office setting. This allows you to begin with less out of pocket expenses and a lower amount of capital, it also allows for you to build a business from the comfort and ease of your own home. As you build your business, you may choose to expand into a commercial location.


Learn about our amazing franchise concept that allows you to be your own boss and build your own business empire. We don’t want you to build a job, we want to support you in building your own business. We’ll be there to support you every step of the way. Our dedicated support will show you how to succeed in the growing and exciting Carpet Restoration and Rehabilitation services business.

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Carpet R & R will show you everything you need to be successful in the thriving commercial carpet services industry. Inquire today and learn how owning a Carpet R & R franchise can reward you with rewarding and independent lifestyle!

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