Opposite to the original saying, what you don’t know won’t hurt you, I am bringing you a new definition to your tables. For many years, people assume that what they do not have ideas with would not hurt them at all, but the truth is, regrets may come around.

Technically, it could hurt you thou, not on a physical basis.  Let me take carpet restoration as an example. A few years back, a lot of them from the management teams of hotels and establishments did not consider doing carpet restoration.

What they always have in mind is continuously cleaning the carpets and if they’re truly done with it, they’ll dispose of it right away.  It’s costly, thinking about purchasing a new carpet plus the fees for having them installed, it’s already too much. 

I’m sure bigger hotels won’t have problems with it, but how about the smaller ones like the inns and motels? They are always depending on their operations with the total profits they get from guests booking their rooms so it would be a problem if they don’t treat their carpets right away.

Not only it would cost them so much money to have carpets their replaced, but also they could lose their established good image that they’ve protected for their guests due to a not so good-looking carpet presented on their suites.

In general, not knowing means, you’re missing out on a huge change and opportunity and that’s regrettable for someone who never had the idea nor the knowledge that such things or services exist.

I. Key points about carpet restoration (Carpet Rehab)
Carpet restoration is a service mainly prioritized to help you with your carpets. There are a lot of restoration ways or services out there just like carpet stretching, water removal, mold removal, stain and burn mark removal, discoloration, and many more.

Key point number one (1), carpet restoration is not a cleaning service. It’s not about putting on detergent and fabric conditioners to the carpets to help it clean and be fragrant. It’s not about that. Restoration services are more than the cleaning sessions. In cleaning, it’s more defined as the first step to get rid of the carpet problem. If there are instances that some problems are not or cannot be removed by cleaning, that’s when restoration services come in.

Key point number two (2), We use specialized restoration agents in the services we provide. It’s not like any other ingredient that causes more harm to the carpets. We are always secured with the types of equipment and approved chemical agents to make sure we can get rid of the carpet problems and help restore the carpet’s original look.

What’s great about hiring people that deal with carpet restoration is the fact that they are all highly-trained individuals. They were taught to resolve issues no matter how difficult it may be. If not, then there comes the “money-back guaranteed” promise. That is keypoint number three (3).

II. A common question, is carpet rehab in service to homes?
A few years back, we started our services not only with hotels and establishments but also with homes.

Certain houses are huge enough that they considered restoring their carpets rather than replacing them because it costs too much. Also, when they are planning to have their houses sold, they often opted for the carpet restoration rather than having it replaced as the house is for sale anyway.

This type of service was very beneficial to those who seek to sell their homes without having to worry much about the total cost of the repairs and restoration. At the moment, we continue to provide the best services for hotels and establishments in regards to their carpets.

At the same time, we are also very open to working with the carpets of some houses given that we are provided with enough work to do. We hope to continue and give our best with our services not only to hotels but to any place with carpets that require our services.

III. The booming industry for Restoration
Each year, several hotels open not only in the US but to all parts of the world. That is a sign of a booming industry in hospitality and as well as for the carpet restoration.

With tourism getting higher and higher per year, establishments, hotels, and any other facility with carpeting require more services that could help them remove not only the problems but help them restore
carpeting without costing them an arm.

Each year, we get a lot of calls asking for our services which means we’ve
already entered an era that needs more restoration than anything else. Of course, we don’t want to eliminate the need for cleaning but what we would like to focus is working on with more problems case to case so that we could experience more restoration and we can study further some carpeting problems to develop better solutions and expand our services in the future to cater more hotels with unique problems.

IV. The ranges of burn marks
Burn marks are also classified on different levels just like any other problem. The first level of this problem is within the surface. This level of burn and its mark can sometimes be treated by cleaning.

You can remove the dark areas and clean them. For the next level, it reaches or gets absorbed on its fibers.

This type of burn can be cleaned but the mark of it is visible, at least a little. The third level or severe burns are deeply marked not only on the second layers but way down to the opposite side that sometimes it creates holes.

If these problems are not treated when it’s supposed to be, not only will you lose the chance to repair it but you’ll have to replace it. By doing that, a small portion of burns can cost you a lot of money. We don’t want that to happen.

The best thing to do when you encounter burn marks is to call for a repair team right away. The more you put off the repairing process, the more these carpet burns will stick into your carpet fibers and completely
be unrepairable. 

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