Carpet Restoration Services for permanent carpet stains

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20 03, 2020

I. Is Carpet Dyeing a good idea or a bad idea? Most carpets are facing a lot of troubles including stains, having burn marks, and even discolorations. The frequently asked question for most properties is about having the carpets dyed or in other terms, recoloring to level its original color. If asked, would it be good to have your carpets dyed or is it something harmful? It's okay to not take the risk but on the other hand, it's incredible to think about your options one more time. Dyeing depends [...]

15 10, 2019

“When can you say that carpets are already damaged?”

Carpets like any other asset inside a hotel is an important part of the property's overall image. They say that a beauty a hotel has is also being reflected as to the carpets being used to cover its flooring but do you know when you should think about the options you may have regarding your carpets? Replacing is surely good unless you have quite an enormous amount to spend. Anyway, if you do, changing carpets regularly isn't so bad at all however what if you think about restoration aside from [...]

6 09, 2019

‘Carpet Restoration’ – All you need to know

When you say carpet restoration, automatically you think it's carpet cleaning but do you know that there's a difference between cleaning and restoring? Cleaning is basically removing dirt and removing the awful smell whereas restoring is bringing a certain thing back to its original state. Therefore, when you say carpet restoration, it's never about shampooing the carpets. It is more than cleaning or we could say it's what we do after cleaning. The cleaning process takes time and sometimes it might even deliver undesirable results such as hard-to-remove stains, burn [...]



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