20 03, 2020

I. Is Carpet Dyeing a good idea or a bad idea? Most carpets are facing a lot of troubles including stains, having burn marks, and even discolorations. The frequently asked question for most properties is about having the carpets dyed or in other terms, recoloring to level its original color. If asked, would it be good to have your carpets dyed or is it something harmful? It's okay to not take the risk but on the other hand, it's incredible to think about your options one more time. Dyeing depends [...]

10 03, 2020

Opposite to the original saying, what you don't know won't hurt you, I am bringing you a new definition to your tables. For many years, people assume that what they do not have ideas with would not hurt them at all, but the truth is, regrets may come around. Technically, it could hurt you thou, not on a physical basis.  Let me take carpet restoration as an example. A few years back, a lot of them from the management teams of hotels and establishments did not consider doing carpet restoration. [...]

14 01, 2020

Why Reading Carpet Related Blogs Help In The Overall Improvement Of The Hotel’s Carpets?

In today's era, people find it convenient to read through the blog for many reasons. These are as follows: 1. ConvenienceBlogs may be long or short and it's updated regularly. We can get more information with anything a blog conveys. Blogs also are a source of the go-to information for most people nowadays. 2. OpinionWe are all born differently thus our opinions vary as well so it's a good thing to read blogs to view others' perspectives of the content a blog displays. 3. PoliticalCompared to traditional media outlets, Blogging [...]

16 10, 2019

How Beneficial is Carpet Restoration to the Hotels?

A carpet can do wonders by simply showcasing it's overflowing beauty in one's property, be it a home, an establishment or even a hotel. This could also mean as a display of one's interests in the interior designs especially if the management has a plain solid color carpet to show more of the properties' inner beauty. On the other hand, patterned carpets (not including the traditional patterns) also exude luxury and modernity for the hotel. Talking about benefits that the carpets can give, do you know that it can do [...]

9 10, 2019

Do hotel reviews online really matter?

As an online user in this advanced generation, do reviews affect your daily life? Would you still go for a product/service that has negative feedback from people who also have had buy or used it? There could be a lot of factors that could affect the decision of each guest the moment they check on the internet for a hotel to stay in. If they were to see some horrible comments about the property, chances are 90% they'd look for another place to stay and 10% they'd still reconsider. Why? [...]



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