I. Is Carpet Dyeing a good idea or a bad idea?

Most carpets are facing a lot of troubles including stains, having burn marks, and even discolorations.

The frequently asked question for most properties is about having the carpets dyed or in other terms, recoloring to level its original color. If asked, would it be good to have your carpets dyed or is it something harmful? It’s okay to not take the risk but on the other hand, it’s incredible to think about your options one more time.

Dyeing depends on the chemicals or coloring used. Certain products could cause harm to the carpets, or worse. Instead of making the color even with the carpet’s original design and hue, it’s going towards a different kind of shade which is a huge problem.

Costs for dyeing carpets depend on what product is used, the number of carpets that has problems and particularly the sizes. If we were to take a simple home with carpets as an example, dyeing the carpets with discolorations would cost around a hundred to five hundred dollars.

Whereas replacement costs around a thousand and five hundred dollars. Not to mention you will probably have to pay for the installation if you require that process. In total, recoloring or dyeing is only a fraction of the other costs.

Not all people have the time to check their carpets for any problems, which is why people like us in the carpet restoration industry exist. Of course, people who are not trained to repair color issues will have to spend more time trying to analyze the carpeting and check any certain product they could use.

With that in mind, we are not sure about the outcome, whether it could fix the discoloration issue or it could worsen things.

Dyeing gives off a new life to your carpets. Imagine not spending too much money on a replacement because dyeing is a solution. What a wonderful service it is.

Certain stains are too deep for cleaning, sometimes bleaching can remove those problems but it also creates another disaster. Dyeing can resolve these kinds of issues.

Moving forward, dyeing is essential for any property in need of a solution for carpet problems. Not all can manage to replace carpets in a year or two without worrying about the budget. As long as budget and quality are issues, you can opt to do carpet restoration specifically color repair to give off a new start, new look for the carpets you cherish.

II. What are the contributing factors for a carpet to age rapidly

Ever since the creation of carpets, numerous problems and contributing factors for rapid changes arrises.

One of those is noise being created by our steps. As carpets continue to face more noise in their everyday life, we are not able to stop its rapid changing however there are ways to maintain its look even after it gets stepped daily. Also, humidity and temperature affect carpeting, especially during its installation phase.

When carpets are purchased, it’s good to have it installed in your properties within the next 24 hours. Over-wetting which is caused by excessive cleaning (with the help of water and cleaning agents) causes carpets to even absorb moisture. In the end, molds would start to creep out.

There are also times that installation processes are causing carpets the problems. As there are certain specifications for carpets that need to be met, if those installation steps are not properly executed, it can bring your carpets to age rapidly.

Lastly, daily problems for properties like the common stains, burn marks and bleach stains, makes your carpets look old which is why the restoration process is important.

III. Why other carpet maintenance practices are bad

If you think what you are currently doing with your carpets is something beneficial to it, think again.

Haven’t heard and checked what maintenance practice you should be doing? Here’s one of a few practices to avoid. Steam cleaning is a cleaning method that most establishments, even homes used to clean the carpets. This kind of method is somehow bad for your carpets.

This leaves your carpets wet and most of the time, carpets that are left wet can attract more bacteria and even molds, which is why this practice is no good. It could also take hours before carpeting could get dry which means, it’s possible for a certain steam clean room to not be used for a moment since carpets are still wet.

There are also cases where management accepts guests to be put on rooms that were steamed clean for only a few hours and the floors still wet. That’s automatically a bad impression. Also, this method harms the environment because of the wastewater.

Chemicals used in steam cleaning are mostly harmful to the carpets so if you don’t want to see a soggy carpet just a year after purchase and installation, avoid steam cleaning. Carpet restoration can do the job of repairing carpets due to the use of steam cleaning method but of course, you need to know and hire people of specific specialization for this kind of service.

IV. The restoration frequency

How often do you clean the rooms? How about the hallways?
If you would like to achieve a problem-free carpet, doesn’t matter how often you clean it, as long as you can remove unwanted things in it such as stains, burn marks and discoloration.

The restoration process can help in removing problems in a lot of ways. As there could be more ways to preserve or take care of your carpets in a professional way, we at carpet rehab can do stain removal, burn mark removal and color repair. These methods have been proven to be the best in maintaining the overall appearance of the carpets.

If you ever find your self in a situation with a need for repairs and restoration, there should be no hesitation to call for a carpet technician. These professionals are trained to do what they need to do to make sure your carpets are maintained well and avoid having carpets absorb damage. 

Have you experienced dyeing your carpet? Comment down below.



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