9 10, 2019

Do hotel reviews online really matter?

As an online user in this advanced generation, do reviews affect your daily life? Would you still go for a product/service that has negative feedback from people who also have had buy or used it? There could be a lot of factors that could affect the decision of each guest the moment they check on the internet for a hotel to stay in. If they were to see some horrible comments about the property, chances are 90% they'd look for another place to stay and 10% they'd still reconsider. Why? [...]

30 09, 2019

Carpet Problems – “What to do?”

Carpet cleaning is NOT enough. You may think that having a clean carpet is already good enough especially if you have a huge property to manage such as the hotels but in reality, it's just not enough. You go to each room to check everything and then asks for the housekeeping staffs to do their part and make them clean up. The first slip-up from them would be handling the carpets on their own. Stains are naturally part of a hotel. It can't be eradicated especially everyone's dealing with beverages. [...]

20 09, 2019

The Basics of Carpet Restoration

Are you worried about carpets being replaced right away because of hard to remove stains, discolorations and burn marks? Does it trouble you when you need to buy new sets of carpets to create a pleasant appearance to your property? Well, it is something that is considered a problem if you didn't know that carpet restoration services exist. Carpets, aside from being flooring protection, it gives off such great vibes especially if it's colors or patterns that match the hotel very well. You can't go wrong with carpets as they [...]

6 09, 2019

‘Carpet Restoration’ – All you need to know

When you say carpet restoration, automatically you think it's carpet cleaning but do you know that there's a difference between cleaning and restoring? Cleaning is basically removing dirt and removing the awful smell whereas restoring is bringing a certain thing back to its original state. Therefore, when you say carpet restoration, it's never about shampooing the carpets. It is more than cleaning or we could say it's what we do after cleaning. The cleaning process takes time and sometimes it might even deliver undesirable results such as hard-to-remove stains, burn [...]



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