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CARPET R&R INTERNATIONAL provides a full range of expert carpet restoration and color repair to some of the most prestigious facilities in the hospitality industry.  Hotels, motels and inns across the globe call on CARPET R&R INTERNATIONAL to solve their carpet restoration problems.  As a result we have built lasting relationships with our otustanding clientele!

We specialize in an exclusive process to customize the removal of the most difficult, hard to treat spots, stains, burns, and even discolorations.  Unique treatment applications allow us to treat single or multicolored carpets with a special color isolation process.  This technique restores the integrity of your carpet and it's visual appearance.

No Cutting, Patching Tearing Carpet Removal!
We offer Removal of Stains, Burns, Discolorations!

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3.  Saving you time, Money and you carpet!

CARPET R&R INTERNATIONAL is a Carpet restoration company.  We provide stain removal and color repair services exclusively to the hotel industry. Our technology has been implemented to treat the challenging carpet damages in majors hotels across the globe.

We are an international carpet restoration company serving the hospitality industry since 1998. We provide a full range of expert carpet restoration, color repair and a exceptional high rate of customer satisfaction.
Carpet Rehab and Restore International is a BBB Accredited Carpet Repair Company in Cary, NC